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Sleep is paramount to a happy household.
Carol has helped over 500 families to have happy, settled babies who sleep well. While Carol’s approach is to implement healthy sleeping habits from early on, she also specialises in issues in older babies and toddlers – working to remove sleep associations such as rocking/feeding to sleep and implementing better daytime naps with a simple, consistent routine.
Carol has a degree in psychology and educational psychotherapy. She attends ongoing training on child development and nutrition. She is a mother of two young boys herself and works in conjunction with a leading UK paediatrician to ensure that her routine and approach can be tailored for babies with allergies and reflux.
In addition to home visits and personal consultations, Carol has set up a unique online sleep consultation service which is a more affordable yet very effective option. She has also created a virtual community of Mums she has helped in the past, which she actively participates in on a daily basis to ensure people have a consistent sounding board for any issues that arise.
Carol Mae Consulting also offers a bespoke childcare service and can help you to find the perfect doula, maternity nurse or nanny for your family 7 days a week.
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We specialise in the following services:
Trouble shooting
Nanny placements
Night nurses
Toilet training
Family Coach
Silent Reflux Guidance
Sleep training
Maternity nurses
Advice on routines
Phone consults
Family Photographer
Advice on weaning