Testimonials: What clients have to say



Mrs Olivia H London Jan 2017 We contacted Carol for help because my 8 month old still seemed to have the sleep patterns of a newborn. She had always woken up 3 or 4 times a night for a feed. More recently, it had also begun to get harder to get her back to sleep after she woke. Carol worked with us to cut out all night feeds and help my daughter learn to settle herself without my help. I felt really comfortable with Carol’s methods and at no point did I have to leave my daughter to cry. Carol kept pushing me on, encouraging me to take further steps each day (when I would have settled much earlier, after seeing some initial improvement). By the end of the week, the change in my daughter’s sleep (and ours) was amazing.

Mrs Maysam B Abu Dhabi Dec 2016 I have a 19 month old daughter who was waking frequently and wouldn’t self settle. I was lucky enough to get in touch with carol who helped me with my daughter’s sleep! In a few days my daughter has showed great progress and started to self settle. What I love about carol’s program is that she doesn’t let the baby cry out for too long and let’s the child understand why and how they need to self settle. She doesn’t only help me and other moms finally sleep, but teaches the child how to fall asleep and sleep well. Thank you carol for helping me out. You were such a pleasure to work with.

Mrs Amanda C London Nov 2017 We initially contacted Carol as we have a 4 year old girl who had never partcicularly slept well and at times has been truly terrible. We had a baby boy 9 months ago who was quite chilled and could settle himself initially but we got into bad habits as we tried to get him to bed quickly, in the evenings to avoid disruption to his big sister. As a Christmas present to each other, after much deliberation we decided to gift the most valuable gift that is sleep and enrolled Carols help for the 10 days what’s app service. It has proved to be well worth the investment and Carol was like my online coach/buddy preparing me for naptimes and bedtimes and constantly helping me to do less and less each time to settle my children. Whilst there is no magic bullet, Carol has provided me with a plan and the confidence to help my children settle themselves to sleep.

Mrs Marie N London April 2016 I’ve recently been using Carol’s Whatsapp support service as we were unable to get our 8 month old to sleep through the night. We tried everything but he woke several times a night demanding feeding, never settled in his cot and never wanted to sleep for more than 1,5 hours in the evening. I was initially sceptical to the remote support but Carol assured me it would work – and she was right!! Within a couple of days our son slept from 7pm-7am (which he had never done before, ever!), and settles himself in his cot.The most useful part was probably the initial hour long conversation where she equipped me with a plan and advice on where to start. It felt so different going into the night with confidence! The ongoing live support during the day was also invaluable to help us establish good sleeping routines. For example I never quite knew how long to let him sleep for during naps, when to wake him (if ever) and what to do if we had a completely “off routine day”. Carol was always very quick to reply and it was so helpful to have her to guide us through everything step by step. Our lives are so much better now that our son goes down in minutes, sleeps well and regularly through the day and all through the night. We can’t thank Carol enough and I would recommend the service to anyone with tricky little ones struggling to sleep. Sleep is so important as a parent, it is never worth remaining in a pattern of not sleeping when there is help to be had…. Thanks a lot Carol!!



Mrs Emma T London Jan 2017 We called Carol after 16 weeks of sleep deprivation had well and truly taken its toll. Our reflux baby was gaining weight but, despite our best intentions and following various routines set out in books / shared by friends, his sleep had deteriorated to a series of irregular cat naps during the day and no more than an hour or so at night. At the end of our tether, we rang Carol, who was incredibly professional, kind and “can do” from the off. She agreed to see us within 10 days and gave us a few pointers to see us through until then. From the moment she arrived, we felt in safe hands and Alexander took to her immediately. The day was like a revelation… three structured, long, naps and a happy baby. When Carol left after 10 hours of coaching, I was nervous we would not be able to keep the success of the day up – we would be the one family this didn’t “work” for. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After our first uninterrupted evening together in 4 months, we could not believe it when our baby woke once, settled, and then woke for a feed when Carol had said he would. He then slept through until 6:45am. Incredible. Carol was “on call” via whatsapp for the next 10 days as we settled into the new routine, answering any questions I had, talking me through helpful strategies if there was a blip. It is testament to her that we managed to stay on the programme when our baby added a dreadful cold to the mix. It is difficult to sum up how much Carol changed things for us. Suffice to say, we now refer to life before and after Carol. We just wish we’d met her sooner.

Mrs Becky W London Oct 2016 For us, Carol has been a complete miracle worker. A friend recommended Carol when my 16 week old baby was waking every two hours for feeds during the night and didn’t sleep longer than 45 minutes for any nap. We were exhausted! Carol came in spent 10 hours with us and gently helped Freddie learn to settle himself to sleep and showed us how to help him transition through sleep cycles. She then gave us a clear plan for the night. The results were amazing and immediate – Freddie only fed twice the first night and now only feeds once between 7 and 7- he’s exclusively breast fed and has at least 2 long naps in his cot a day. We are all so much happier. We had a week of WhatsApp coaching which was great to build confidence whilst implementing the new feeding and sleeping routine. I really enjoyed the whole process too as Carol is super knowledgable and good company too!

Mrs Maeve B London Jan 2015  We heard of Carol through my sister who had seen a great transformation in her six-month old non-sleeping baby. So we enlisted Carol’s support from the very beginning and went for the first time mum package.

Carol came to see us when our baby was five days old and helped us to establish good habits and get into a bit of a routine from the start. She also found us a wonderful maternity nanny to stay two nights a week and give us some much-needed rest.
I am so glad we are working with Carol. She is always patient and calm, has great insights into baby behaviour and sleep and is very practical in her support. Our baby was sleeping through the night by 10 weeks and is generally a very happy little girl.
Thank you Carol!

Mrs Gemma P London Oct 2014 London Our 10 week old went from waking every hour from 2.30am and sporadic short daytime naps to sleeping from 7pm to 7am with a short dream feed and consistent daytime napping within one week under Carol’s guidance- amazing!! We now have much more rested baby and parents! I would highly recommend using Carol Mae Consulting

Mrs Kate G August 2013 London Similar to a lot of new parents my husband and I would gently rock Max to sleep and then very slowly place him in his moses basket only for him to wake up straight away and the whole process to begin again. I was struggling with breastfeeding (the health visitors recommended feeding Max 12 times a day) and I was exhausted as he would only fall asleep on one of us.
After a friends recommendation I had a conversation with Carol and decided to use her new mums service. From the moment Carol turned up you could see she had a natural affinity with babies. She was there to see a few feeds and to put him to bed for his morning and afternoon nap. With Carol’s help, Max learnt to settle himself, without any heartache and long bouts of crying that you normally hear associated with sleep training and I was feeling more confident with the feeding. As a new mum you are bombarded with so much different advice and I found it such a relief to have my questions answered by someone with real experience with new mums and babies; someone who actually spends time with new mums and realises that a happy mum equates to a happy baby. Carol gave advice on everything from breastfeeding to swaddling and helped to get Max into a sleeping and feeding routine straight away. With Carol’s support Max is now a very happy little baby who is sleeping 7-7 which makes Mummy a happy lady too.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carol’s services to any new mum out there!

Mrs Alexandra F July 2013 London I can’t say enough great things about Carol and her service! I used her text and email service to help us get our 4 month old sleeping through the night. After a week of her support it worked and has continued to do so! She is now 5 and a half months and still sleeping through. Carol is a real life saver!

Mrs Katya I  May 2013 London  We’ve had Carol sleep train our little boy who just turned 4 months. Her routine is great and she gives you tools to help your baby adjust to it as smoothly as possible. I couldn’t believe that after a day together I’d have my baby nap more than his sleep cycle and sleep in his cot during the night. It’s important to note that it’s not just about sleep and it’s also about a good feeding routine, which Carol also helped us with. So my precious one went from napping and snacking to eating and sleeping. Thanks Carol!


Mrs Katie H London Aug 2016 Just wanted to leave a HUGE thank you for your help. After 12 months of our toddler waking at 5am, in days Carol had her sleeping to 7.00am and also put an end to our 14 week old waking up for three feeds per night. We are now down to one night feed for the baby and the toddler consistently sleeps for 12 hours a night. She also helped to point us in the right direction to diagnose our baby’s dairy allergy and now she is on the right formula her skin is clear, she has stopped vomiting and crying her way through every feed. Thank you, we couldn’t recommend Carol any more highly.

Mrs Cait G London June 2016 We had an almost 6 month old serial cat napper who was seemingly insatiable when I called on Carols services following a recommendation. I was nervous at someone coming to stay and ‘judge’ my parenting, but the moment Carol arrived I knew that wasn’t to be the case. Her calm and friendly manor shone through immediately and I felt at ease instantly. With a few tweaks to her daily routine, my little girl went from 30 min naps 3/4 times a day to 2.5 hours in her cot at lunch time, something she had NEVER done. She went from waking 1 or 2 times a night for feeding to sleeping through after 3 nights with a few resettles and all without a dummy! Her guidance has been invaluable and her follow up help on whatsapp and her Facebook group were encouraging and confidence boosting. I am so pleased I made that call and booked Carol in – we now have a happy baby and a happy mummy!

Mrs Melissa M April 2016 I just wanted to say how thankful I am that we used Carol’s services last month. Our 12 month old was BF to sleep and constantly waking up throughout the night – always ending up in our bed. I was apprehensive about it all and thought I would be in for a rough ride but was totally amazed at how quickly he adapted to the new routine and how much happier he seemed. Now, he’s more than happy to get in his cot for naps in the day and to go to bed. He also sleeps through the night (hurrah) – it had been that long I’d forgotten what a good nights sleep felt like. Carol is approachable and friendly, and the aftercare she offers is priceless. I would 100% recommend her services.

Mrs Alaide O London Oct 2016 We really do not know what would have been of our lives if Carol hadn’t intervened! My 8 months old son, would wake up every hour to nurse, but that was not the worst part, it would take us our an hour to make him sleep for each nap and each night! I was not able to go anywhere, or do anything, I learnt the meaning of the word desperation and I was unhappy. And though I had read all the books and avoided all the bad habits it just got out of our hands. I was nervous about him having a rough time with sleep training, and was concerned about raised cortisol levels and all those things you read, but I can tell that Carol is experienced with children and though you will always fee resistance from a baby you never abandon him, it is as gentle as can be and it is effective. After 24 hours with her, our baby slept through the night and in his cot without help. We can have a normal life and he, of course, looks happy and healthy specially because I am now calm and happy which is what he needs the most. Thanks Carol

Mrs Catherine J London Aug 2016 Simply put, Carol Mae saved our lives and helped us get back on track after a very difficult first 10 weeks of our son’s life. Our little baby boy had never slept properly during the day and was waking every hour or so during the night. He had silent reflux and food intolerances and so was often in pain and uncomfortable and I had therefore found it really difficult to establish any sort of routine. Carol stayed with us for 24 hours and then worked with us on WhatsApp. Incredibly quickly, she had our little boy getting himself to sleep during the day and night. It really was a remarkable change given previously we had to rock him to sleep. She helped us put in place an easy-to-follow routine which gave us structure to our days whilst also being flexible. Carol was able to offer advice on every aspect of our baby’s life, from feeding to sleeping to playing and activities. She was at all times patient, understanding, warm and caring, not to mention having a lovely sense of humour. She seems to have an incredible knowledge of all things baby related, built from years of experience. Her response times are amazing – I always knew that if I had a query she would get back to me quickly and with a full and helpful answer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carol to anyone and I would definitely contact Carol again if we have another child. Thank you so much Carol!

Mrs Mona 1 Jan 2015 London  Dear Carol, Thank you so much for your help with my 8 month old daughter. Our lives have changed after your visit. It is difficult to believe that in one day you set a sleep routine for the day and night. We have been recommending you to all our friends. The biggest thank you would most probably come from the children since they really needed the sleep and don’t have to be around a sleep deprived mommy

Mrs Helena S Nov 2014 London    A huge thank you from us once again, Carol!  After just a few tweaks on daytime nap duration and a more firm approach on moaning, Clara is back to be pure joy! Sleeping amazingly well from 8 to (sometimes) 7:30, and genuinely happier during the day, our life is now back to be only giggles and laughs! Thanks Carol to show us (once more) how to be firm still being sweet and caring. I am sure the terrible twos won’t be that terrible with your advice!

Mrs Julie S March 2014 London  Carol is a miracle worker! We were at our wits end, totally exhausted, when a friend of a friend recommended Carol Mae Consulting. My 13 month old son wasn’t sleeping more than three hours in a row or napping during the day. I had no energy for him or his 3 year old brother. I knew what I was doing was counter productive (all the major “no-nos” like feeding him to sleep, bringing him into our bed etc etc) but was so exhausted I couldn’t see how to change things. A few minor amendments to his eating habits and her invaluable, reassuring and non judgmental advice during the overnight session, and in follow up emails, have meant both boys (who share a room) go to sleep at 7pm with the baby sleeping until 6am (we are working on pushing this back to 7am). No harsh “cry it out” methods and much quicker than “gradual retreat”. Having our evenings back and catching up on our sleep has been amazing for all of us as a family. I would say, if you are debating whether to do this, there is no shame in asking for help & she is worth every single penny for your sanity and happiness!

Mrs Louise S Feb 2014 London  Thank you, Carol for all your help with my little one. After many sleepless nights when she refused to sleep for more than 5 hours in a row and kept waking for her dummy, she has slept solidly from 7pm through the night since your visit. Your advice on daytime routine, naps and weaning has been really useful too. Our household is much happier now we are all getting unbroken sleep again!

Mrs Sabina C Oct 2013 London    I called Carol whilst at my wit’s end because my 4 month old little boy was not napping during the day, plus we’d fallen into the terrible habit of him having to suck my thumb in order to fall asleep at night! Trying to get him to sleep was an incredibly long and stressful process, I was exhausted and miserable waiting for things to ‘get better’ as everybody promises they will and I finally decided we needed help. Before Carol even came to visit us she was incredibly helpful and supportive by email, making suggestions of things I could start to change during the week before she arrived. When she did arrive I found Carol to be incredibly calm, likable and confident in what she was doing. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to babies and it was fascinating just listening to her talk! She offered advice on areas I hadn’t even started to think about yet such as weaning, which was actually right around the corner. She also gave us a plan to help get him to sleep through the night which I hadn’t expected him to be doing for months yet, so that was a wonderful bonus! I am so much happier now that I have some predictability back in my days, I’m more rested and I’m finally enjoying being a mum.
If anyone reading this is in two minds as to whether to get in touch with Carol I’d say just do it. For me it was the best thing we could have done and I see it as money very well spent

Mrs Jennifer B Sep 2013 London  Thank you so much, Carol! You have literally been a lifesaver. Our little one was a terrible sleeper for the past 7+ months (including no naps and refusing to sleep in his cot) and he refused a bottle. You came in for 2 days, and he now goes down for 2 naps during the day and sleeps from 7-7 (without any fuss at all). He also happily takes a bottle from anyone. I do not know how you did it, but I am beyond thankful!! Our entire home environment is so much more positive and stress-free now. THANK YOU!!!

Mrs Beatriz C August 2013 London  Carol, thank you so so much for all of your help and advice in getting my son, Adrián, to sleep through the night!!!
Thanks to Carol my son started sleeping through the night by 10 weeks old and now seeps from 7 to 7. She was great in answering all my questions and giving me the confidence I needed along the way. My son is 5 months old now and is a happy little one. He has done very well with his “routine” and as a result the transition to motherhood and parenting has been a very positive experience for us. I would highly recommend Carol and her team!

Mrs Kaya S July 2013 Dubai  Carol – a million thank yous for all of your help and advice with Violet – she is now the happiest baby – her reflux is under control and her sleep patterns are fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without you

Mrs Helena S June 2013 London  Carol is more than just a sleep trainer. She is a baby coach!
My 7 months baby girl was the easiest of the newborns. But when she turned 3 months old, she started crying for no apparent reason.
We read all the baby books you can find on book shelves and tried pretty much of everything. I have to say we achieved a lot by ourselves but when Clara turned 6 months old, the crying came back, only this time LOUDER!
We were too tired to try to train her alone again, so a friend recommended us Carol Mae Consulting.
Carol showed us that what I thought was upset crying was just Clara trying to settle down by herself and that by picking her up, I was not helping my baby, on the contrary, was interfering with her ability of sleep.
She stayed with us one whole day, going through everything a baby need: meals, milk, sleep and routine. The routine Carol uses is very easy to follow and it is all about making life for parents easier.
Clara has never been happier, spreading smiles and giggles to everyone she sees on the streets. She is sleeping 12 straight hours at night and spending her days as smooth as it can be.
I couldn’t be more grateful to Carol! Thank you so much!

Mrs Lee R  April 2013 New York  We have known Carol for over three years. When we lived in London, she helped our older daughter ease onto a great routine and sleep through the night before eight weeks (7pm-7am by three months… woohoo). Carol’s approach with children is gentle and loving – she truly delights in them. She emphasizes the establishment of good habits in a very gradual way, never doing anything that is out of pace or stressful for either the child or the parents. She communicated effectively and worked collaboratively with us to explore various options/approaches and find the best ways forward for our family. Now that we live in New York, Carol is helping us remotely with our younger daughter. She is available for international consults over Skype/phone/email, and we have found this service incredibly helpful!
We also have met other members of Carol’s team and have been very impressed! You really can’t go wrong with CMC.

Mrs Jackie P  March 2012 Chelsea Thank you Carol for seeing us through to 7-7!! The maternity nights kept us sane and the sessions with you during the day taught us so much. Little Evie is one happy camper… and so are mum and dad.

Mrs Natasha C  March 2013  Putney  Thanks a mill Carol for teaching my little son to take a bottle in just 48hrs!! It meant that me and the hubby were able to go skiing and leave the little one with baby sitters and grandparents during the day. We had an amazing trip, and it wouldn’t have happened without us getting your help! It was great having you around the house those two days as an additional support and have already recommended you to all my NCT friends! xx

Mrs Emma S  February 2013  Kingston  We’ve had just over a week of great sleep after 5 months of broken nights. Our son had a dummy dependency at night and was waking 3 times a night (at least). Even though we are second time parents and we should have known better we got stuck in the routine of dummy and picking up. After Carol spent time with us our son now sleeps from 7-6/6.30 without waking and is able to self settle. I’m also confident that we can deal with any sleep issues in the future. Thank you.

Mrs Clem C  January 2013 Wimbledon  Very happy to recommend Carol! She stopped the dummy for my two year old in one night and stopped my 9 month old baby waking and crying every night after just two days with us…!!!

 Mrs Michele A  Dec 2012 Clapham   Who knew one woman could have such a positive impact in such a short space of time! Carol has been truly amazing helping us to get our 5 month old who was waking every hour or so through the night to sleep through and nap during the day. Following the consultation she was on hand night and day to support us, answering questions as they arose helping to keep us on track and reassure us as we went along. I finally have my evenings back and enjoy my days with the little guy all the more now that l’m not panicking about the next sleep cycle. I can’t recommend CMC enough.

Mrs Eleonora S    Nov 2012 Chelsea     Carol has given us our life back. When Carol came, our 7 month old boy would wake up every 45 mins throughout the night. Bedtime varied anywhere between 9pm and midnight. The days were difficult, as he was so tired and so were we! When Carol told me that he would be sleeping through the night in 3 night’s time, I just didn’t believe it. I am also a total softy and resisted the idea of controlled crying until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Carol proved me wrong and our little one slept through the night on the second night of training already. The crying was difficult, but thankfully we only had to do it a few times in the beginning and by now he will happily go to bed and just sleeps through until the morning. We are all so happy and have our life back! I strongly recommend Carol’s work and have done so to my friends who have already booked her. I only regret not having called Carol earlier.

Mrs Adriana R   Oct 2012 Clapham                                                                                                                                                                   Carol has been a blessing to our family. After 6 months our baby boy was still not sleeping through and his sleeping routine was all over the place. After three days with Carol he started to follow a sleeping routine and now sleeps from 7pm to 7am!!! She also helped us with weaning tips and was very supportive and dedicated. Motherhood is beyond doubt more enjoyable now, and thats all because of Carol. Thank you ever so much!!!!

Mrs Sue F           Sept 2012   South Kensington                                                                                                                                                 Carol is the baby whisperer. She is incredible and we don’t know what we would do without her. She’s helped us with sleep, diet, toddler tantrums…you name it, she will fix it!

Mrs Olivia O    August 2012  Clapham
Carol came and spent 1 day and 2 nights with my 9 month old daughter Lola to fix her sleeping problems. During the day Lola would only cat nap, taking 30 minutes at a time and had no structure, making day times unpredictable. Evenings were a nightmare with Lola waking up to 8 times and crying out. It took Carol only 24hrs to get Lola to have a 2 hr lunch sleep and more importantly sleeping through the night by using controlled crying and teaching me to understand what Lola was crying out for and distinguish between a cry and a settling herself noise. This meant moving forwards and I was able to understand her better, and what to do if she did ever cry. Carol was on hand in all the weeks leading after this, day or night, to check how Lola was doing and answer my constant questions!  Beyond the sleeping problems, Carol gave me lots of advice and ‘tweaks’ to Lola’s general routine to help progress her forward and to encourage better eating habits. Most importantly I felt completely at ease with Carol, she was great with Lola and had so much knowledge, I trusted her 100%. She had an in depth knowledge on reflux and clearly lots of experience. I would (and do!) strongly recommend her to anyone, she’s a lovely lady, very easy to work with and along with giving me my sleep back, has most definitely made me a better mummy.

Mrs Liza V    August 2012    Fulham
Carol came in to help me because my 6 month year old son was refusing to move on from breastfeeding to bottles and was still waking up 2-3 times overnight and feeding each time and with only a week to go until I started work full time. I spoke to many health care professionals and no one seemed to be able to help me or advise me with how to wean my baby until I met Carol.  She arrived and worked one full day and two nights with my new nanny and I and managed to turn things round by advising me to safely withdraw breastfeeding and by implementing a new daytime and bedtime routine that meant he started sleeping from 7pm-7am as well as settling himself which he had never been able to do before. It was an amazing transformation in behaviour that happened within 12 hours. Carol also helped us with the weaning routine to co inside with his new feeding schedule and showed me tips on how to avoid some bad eating habits. I never would have thought it could have happened so quickly. Carol has since stayed in touch, and is practically on call to answer any questions and to follow up on any variations, however everything is going amazingly well and i recommend her array of services to any family.

Mrs Henna K    May 2012    Holland Park
Thank you Carol for giving us a new lease of life…After six months of sleepless nights with baby no 2 (yes, I thought I knew already what I was doing…), it was about time we realised that the baby really did not need his feed every couple of hours during the night.  His body clock just needed re-setting and through Carol’s remarkably simple process that just works and can be applied again and again whenever the routine is disturbed by travel, illness etc. Our only regret is we did not do this earlier!  Top marks for problem solving, responsiveness, professionalism and for your positive energy, Carol!

Mrs Cecilia E   May 2012    Richmond
Carol came to help us with our 8 month old twins who in addition to still feeding once or twice every night woke up an additional three to four times each night asking for their pacifier. We very surprised how quickly it all fell into place, it only took three days and then the girls slept from 7pm to 6.30am in the morning!!! Not only are I and my husband revived, but it is a pleasure to see the girls waking up in the morning, rested, and being in a good mood all day. But that was not the only amazing thing Carol achieved for us. In addition to the sleeping, she spotted a few habits we had taken on – for example we had ended up carrying one of the twins almost constantly, and she showed us how to teach our daughter to amuse herself. She reworked our day routine, gave advice on diet, weaning, and loads of information on development… Saying that she changed our lives sound quite dramatic, but we actually feel it is true. Carol is positive, energetic and a real pleasure to have around. We would highly recommend her and her work to any parent! Thank you Carol.

Mrs Vanessa C   April 2012    Westminster
Before Carol, our nine-month-old boy had never slept for more than three hours. Bedtimes were a nightmare, and he would wake between five and ten times a night. Some friends recommended Carol highly whom she had helped, and we finally decided to get some help. The results were spectacular, and almost immediate. He slept for ten hours the first night! A few nights further on and the transformation is complete, he drops off happily in five minutes and sleeps for almost twelve hours. Carol gave us the information and confidence to make some simple changes that made a big difference. She was clear and firm with her advice, but with a warm understanding and a sense of humour and was a real pleasure to have around those few nights. Thank you Carol.

Mrs Natalie O    Feb 2012    Queens Park London
I contacted Carol when my daughter was 4 months old as I had been unable to get her to sleep in her cot during the day and I was fed up of having to go out walking every day for up to three hours in order to get my daughter to nap. Carol came for two half days and guided me throughout to get the baby sleeping in her cot, I also thought I had a routine, but I realised when Carol gave me a routine to follow that I was all over the place. The changes in our house were instant. With structure to her day, Sophie started to eat much better and she is now able to sleep in her cot at home during the day she is also now sleeping through the night, bye bye night feeds. After just four days of Carol visiting me Sophie fell asleep in her cot for her midday nap after just two minutes. Calling Carol is the best thing that I could have done. Thank you!

Mrs Guila G    February 2012    Earl’s Court London
A trouble-shooter was something we never considered until a friend of ours told us about how Carol helped her two children sleep 12 hours at night from 10 weeks old and our son was 10 months and a good night for us meant three hours sleep in a row with him sleeping between us. Since the first contact with Carol we knew we were dealing with a pro. Despite the busy schedule she fitted us in within a couple of weeks, she requested a diary of Lorenzo’s sleep and food routine 3 days before her arrival and was always available for a chat on the phone. Carol turned up on Friday at 7 pm sharp (as arranged), smiley, charming and reassuring. She went to Lorenzo’s room smiled at the little one, gave sound orders on how to quickly rearrange the nursery, smiled at Lorenzo took his dummy and left the room. The next few hours she was giving us instructions and reassuring us. Lorenzo in the mean time fell asleep for the first time in is cot by himself. That night we slept like we hadn’t done for the last 10 months. The following night was almost the same, timing had improved and in the morning she left with a smile stating that she didn’t need to do a third night…job done! Carol was a breeze in our life, competent, punctual reassuring but firm. Communication was excellent and follow up was always available. Her mobile number comes before Police and Fire brigade on our contact book! I would and I will recommend Carol to everyone and anyone with child related sleep and behaviour problems. Only regret… Not having met her before.




Mrs Jan B Oct 2014  Hampstead  I can’t thank you enough for your recent nanny/housekeeper and weekend nanny placements, and in urgent circumstances no less. I never have to worry when I come to you for help. I know I am in the best hands and that you have the best candidates. I was explaining your services to a friend of mine who just moved to London, and I said that you focus on quality candidates rather than just sending quantity. I always know before the interview process that you have done much more leg work and background research than I ever could do, and the interview really becomes a formality at that point. Plus, you take the time to really know and understand the families and what they are looking for and the kind of person who would fit best with them. And you always are right! Other agencies seem to do the exact opposite and send numerous CVs, which requires hours of work to sort through who may be suitable. And I have never come across a candidate from another agency who comes close to the quality of candidates you offer. I do not know what I would do without your service, and I mean that!

Mrs Nathalie R March 2012 Clapham Thank you for providing us with a fantastic maternity nurse. Our first few weeks as a family have been so enjoyable and stress free! We really appreciate the time you took find us what we were looking for and explain the different services available to us.

Mrs Clare K    July 2012    Chelsea
Carol and her team helped me recruit my full time nanny, whom we adore. We had joined many other agencies in London and there was just no comparison in the service provided, Carol is very professional and looks after both the nanny and the family and makes sure both parties are happy. We found the service more personal and Carol only sent us a few CV’s but what we received and the girls we interviewed were exactly the type of nanny we would hire and in fact we would have been happy to have any three of Carol’s girls she sent us. We felt a lot of the hard work was taken out of what can be a very tiresome process, our nanny has been with us for over a year now and we can’t thank Carol enough for helping us.

Mrs Stephanie K   February 2012    South Kensington
We had been searching for our nanny for 2 months and although we had interviewed 15 nannies we were yet to meet someone who clicked with our ever expanding brood. The agencies had some tough shoes to fill as our previous nanny had been with us for 3 years. Carol came up trumps and really made an excellent job of selecting 3 of the top nannies we met during this process and we are delighted to say we are still very grateful to have her with us still. All in all, if you want an excellent, experienced and qualified nanny, Carol Mae Consulting is the agency to go through because Carol and her team have so many great contacts in the nanny world that if there are any good nannies out there they seem to go through Carol.




Mrs Daisy D     June 2014  London                                                                                                                                                                               I called Carol on the recommendation of a friend when my then 12 week old had got her nappy in a knot – not sleeping at night, cat napping during the day and generally miserable and over tired. She was waking every night at 3 and I was feeding, despite knowing she’d had enough during the day, as that was the only thing that would settle her. That was along with the dummy, swaddle, rocking and endless walking up and down stairs. That was then… The first few days and nights of the routine were difficult at times, my darling daughter did not like this new schedule and managed to push all of my mummy guilt buttons. However, within a week, she was sleeping through from 7 – 7 and after 10 days, we had dropped the 9.30 dream feed. She woke in the morning a genuinely happy baby, full of smiles and wriggles. A few weeks on and she is napping right on schedule, only gets grizzly when something is actually wrong and is like a clockwork baby timing wise. It has totally saved my sanity and she has thrived on it. She now wakes just before 7 and lies happily chatting to herself in her cot before we get her up and feed her at 7.15 or so. Carol’s text support has been seriously helpful and her sensible, gentle advice hugely appreciated. Although to listen to my husband, he did it all himself…

A million thank you’s.

Mr Matt H    April 2012    New York
Carol was recommended to us by some friends in New York and she is a lifesaver. Our three month old son was not sleeping through the night and not napping in his crib during the day. Our nanny was scheduled to start work in three days and I was going back to work in two weeks, but our son was not on any sort of sleeping or feeding schedule. We emailed Carol on a Friday night and she responded immediately. After a telephone consultation with her and a week of email guidance, our son is now sleeping like an angel for 12 hours during the night and she helped us deal with his cat napping with the result that he is having real sleeps and some we have to wake him up from.We could not have done it without Carol. Even though we’re in New York, the time difference was not an issue at all. She accommodated us at the last minute, was attentive to our specific needs and responded right away whenever we had any questions. Most importantly, her approach was not formulaic — she listened to us and guided us in the right direction without pushing us outside our comfort zone. She’s very warm, friendly and effective.  We could not have been happier!

Mrs Sue H    May 2012    New York
Carol came highly recommended to us by some friends, whom Carol also helped who were in a similar situation. She helped us tremendously when we were desperate to solve our 5 month old son’s sleeping issues. He was sleeping through the night but we didn’t quite mange to organize the day sleeps well and so he was mostly cat napping. Carol made time over the weekend to have a consultation with us over the phone and listened to what we would like to achieve and together we worked on a sleeping and feeding schedule. She provided us with specific advice on a daily basis and replied in a speedy manner. With her years of experience it gives you a lot of reassurance and comfort as a first time parent to know you are doing the right thing, she was a great help and just after a week of communication and our little one is sleeping when he should be and for sometimes up to two to two and a half hours.




Mrs Kirstin C    August 2012    Parsons Green
Jo joined our family as a part time maternity nurse in October 2010 when our second son, Alexandros, was one month old and worked 2 to 3 day a week doing 24 hour shifts until he was 8 months old. Jo is an absolute delight to have in our house. She has a great natural affinity for caring for babies and toddlers. But I always feel that she looks after the welfare of the family as a whole, and was especially supportive and reassuring to me after just giving birth. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge looking after little ones, using her instinct to help implement a feeding and sleeping routine that works for the baby and family. Alexandros was diagnosed with acid reflux and a milk allergy when two months old and Jo was instrumental in helping him settle. To top if off, she is a wonderful cook! I couldn’t recommend her more highly to another family!

Mrs Myrto C    April 2012    Earl’s Court London
A friend recommended we speak to Carol when we said that we were looking for help with sleep training our baby. While I was pregnant, my husband and I interviewed quite a few night nurses and were immediately impressed by Carol’s warmth, professionalism, intelligence and experience. Needless to say, that Carol has surpassed every expectation that we had. We have learned so much from her and she has helped to bring calm to our family. When Carol was explaining to me her ‘system’ I never quite thought it would work so fast…by week 8 our baby was sleeping through the night and with Carol around we really have not felt any of the stress, tiredness and frustration associated with having a newborn.  We have also been very impressed by how discreet Carol has been and her ability to understand situations and respond to them with her usual charm. We cannot recommend Carol highly enough. Definitely the first number to call when I find out that I am pregnant with my second … my husband will just have to wait…

Mrs Noelle M    July 2011    Earl’s Court London
Carol joined us as a maternity nurse on a 4 nightly basis and initially established a feeding and sleeping routine for Maggie during the day and helped establish a good sleeping pattern at night. Thanks to Carol’s help Maggie was sleeping through the night when she was ten weeks old. She is happy to go to bed when she is put down and continues to sleep well. More importantly, Carol has been a huge source of comfort and support throughout Maggie’s initial development and my initial experience as a first time mom. Maggie had feeding difficulties early on, and when she was only one month old, with the help of Carol she was diagnosed with an advanced case of gastro-oesophageal reflux. This made feeding a very painful experience for her and us. Carol helped us greatly through this process, allowing us to make it easier for Maggie and ourselves. Carol is very loving and giving in her role as a caretaker and has a very natural and positive rapport with babies. Carol is professional, creative, playful and resourceful, and I know that she can help with all the little challenges Maggie’s care can throw up. I think there is little Carol has not seen with babies and children of all ages and I know I will continue to rely on her advice in the future.

Mrs Emelie V    September 2011
Carol returned to help us with our second baby and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She previously helped us with our 8 – week old son, 2 years ago who was having problems sleeping and managed to get him through the night in only a matter of 4 weeks. She came as a night nurse and helped put both my children into a great routine that means they both sleep wonderfully 12 hours/night without a sound, our daughter was sleeping through at 10 weeks. She also gave me great tips on how to manage the ‘terrible twos’ and how to assert my authority and set boundaries. Carol has helped a huge circle of my friends and I will continue to promote her services for as long as she continues to work, she is just superb!!! My kids absolutely adore Carol and I trust her 100%. Super maternity nurse/trouble shooter = super Carol!

Mrs Jessica E    2011
Dawn worked for us for one month after the birth of our twins(second and third children). They are quite the calmest and easiest of children and we are sure a lot of that is due to Dawns experience and ability in dealing with newborns. We have had help before but Dawn really added more to her work than one expects. She gives the mother confidence to go with her hunches as to what is right for the baby, so you really do develop a routine that suits you all perfectly. She does not override you or dictate rules and it is the best time to be instilled with confidence in ones ability. She is also unflappable and deals with any hiccup with ease and by the time Dawn left four weeks later we were in a routine that suited us all. I would recommend Dawn without hesitation.

Mrs Vanessa B    2010
I am very pleased to recommend the services of Dawn, She is a brilliant maternity nurse, very knowledgeable about twins, premature babies and babies in general and very kind  and attentoinate toward mother and babies. Dawn looked after our twins in 2009 and was a absolute godsend. Before the twins were born, I was not convienced about the utility of a maternity nusre but it proved to be the best investment we made! Thanks to Dawn I perserved with the breast feeding, felt confident about caring for very tiny babies, understood sleeep/feed patternsand ten months along the line, our two babies are very happy content happy little children. This is largely due to the fact Dawn gave me the knowledge  and confidence to look after them on my on after she left. We recommend her highly.


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