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Trouble shooting

Day or night support: Carol is available for 10 hr consults from 8am – 6pm, this visit includes help with sleep and eating issues or just to help get through the sleep cycles that most babies go through. 7 days of whatsapp support is included in thisservice.                                                                                                                                                                                     10 hr trouble shoot : £595 + VAT
12 hr overnight booking £695 + VAT


New Mummy service
Carol can arrive within the first week of arriving home with little one, she will share all of her knowledge and experience with settling and feeding newborns, how to prevent any sleep associations and can provide 10 days support after the booking.This service is suitable for babies up to 3 months.
10 hour service £595 + VAT

Whatsapp Support
Carol is available for whatsapp support  7 days per week and this package runs for 10 days, from 730am to 930pm, this service can help settle a tricky sleeper or can help Mum with implementing a routine. This service includes a phone consultation and a personalised plan for the family :  £450 + VAT

*Add on service – 1hr phone consult : £70 + VAT

*5 day whatsapp support for previous clients : £220 + VAT

*Online support on our facebook support group is open for continued support with Carol Mae, this service is only open to previous clients and gives you access to routines for all ages and support is provided daily :           £20 per month

Overseas bookings
Carol is available for bookings out of the UK, all travel expenses are covered by the client.                                  Price upon request

Maternity Nurses
We offer a variety of maternity nurses who are fully qualified and can cater for all families needs. On board, we have twin and triplet experts with over 20 years experience with years of breast feeding experience who can offer 24 hour cover or just a couple of nights per week to help set up a routine and get the baby sleeping through the night. All nurses have their own set rates varying from £220-275 per 24 hours and £17-20 ph on a nightly rate.
Maternity nurses, per week booked: £25 per night booked + VAT

Maternity nurse overseas placements: £150 + VAT per week booked

Nanny Placements
The recruitment aspect of the business is intentionally kept small to provide a bespoke , personal and specialized service. With the interest of both the family and the nanny at heart the process is less time consuming and the filtering process is all achieved through us once we have clarified what nanny would most suit the family. With first hand experience in the childcare world, the candidates are selected personally by Carol. We insure that all candidates are fully CRB checked, first aid trained and when possible, Ofsted registered.

Overseas nanny placements: 10% annual gross salary + VAT
Permanent nanny placements: 10% annual gross salary + VAT
Temporary nanny placements: £25 per day + VAT

We have many qualified nannies who can provide parents with the peace of mind of having very capable hands looking after their little ones.
One off fee per 12 months subscription: £150 +VAT


Jo is our resident doula and as a birth doula Jo would be on call for Mum from around 38-42 wks, she would attend two postnatal visits and help write a birth plan with Mum. On the day of the birth she would stay with Mum with no time limit until baby is born and has had first feed. She would then visit Mum at home post birth. As your postnatal Doula Jo is essentially an extra pair of hands, ears and shoulders. She can care for your newborn and siblings whilst you get some much needed rest, help establish feeding, give tips and advice and even stock the fridge for the family. The duration of her stay depends upon your needs but each visit would be a minimum of four hours.
Prices upon request

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